It’s a great feeling when our customer’s love our products enough to send us pictures of them in use. This is our DASH Series pendant. It is perfect for illuminating conference rooms, hotel lobbies, offices, retail stores and reception areas.

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Did you know? You can up your productivity with LED lighting. Tuning the shade (color) of light that LED bulbs put out, has been shown to increase productivity in the workplace. We have a wide range of Color Changeable fixtures in stock. Talk to our friendly sales team today!


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The global pandemic has certainly held us hostage not only personally but in business also. Adapting is the most important thing a company can do during these unprecedented times. Many domestic companies are even having trouble with their supply chains because of unforeseen unemployment rates, fear and uncertainty. No one could have guessed the issues the pandemic has created to every aspect of life. Normal product forecasting was put to a halt for even the most experienced designers, manufacturers and logistical personnel.
Spitzer Architectural Lighting didn’t just focus on the here and now but also the long view needed to keep sales and manufacturing going even during the toughest times. We realize that this is easier said than done but with excellent logistics, manufacturing teams and quality products we have not missed a beat satisfying our customer’s needs across the board. Many competitor’s customers have turned to us for help which we quickly obliged giving them confidence to come back to us again.
Most importantly service and quality product availability rule the day. We have kept our inventory accurate and steady even during this challenging time. We would like to thank all our current customers and invite new ones to come on board and enjoy the product and knowledge Spitzer has to offer.